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20-25 September



(Sanskrit: चन्द्र, romanized: Candra, lit. 'shining or moon')

We as women are undeniably connected to the moon. And just as women the shining of the moon comes in cycles - sometimes mesmerising us with her full beauty, at times hiding in the shadows. She comes in different shapes and shades. Full of mysterium and wisdom - seen and unseen. Able to move emotions like tides.

We want to harvest that moon energy, that feminine energy in everyone in that masculine dominated world and bring balance to ourself and our communities.

The Program

Beyond Fear

Fear is one of our basic human emotions. It is a powerful emotion that is followed by an universal biochemical response and can be experienced differently by everyone to some degree. Fear warns us of the presence of danger, whether it might be real or imagined.

Is it fear that keeps you from doing the things that excite you the most? Is fear keeping you from being your authentic self? Your true self?

Know that you are not alone.

We are living in a world ruled by the Ego and Fear is addictive, so it is no surprise that most people are fuelledby the gasoline to that Ego which is fear. In such a world we are trying to survive by shutting down our intuition and true self.

In our 6 day Retreat we will find the root of our fears and we will give you tools to help step out of the anxious mindset with the help of different techniques. Together we will look beyond fear and transform it into light.

Only if we tolerate the discomfort of fear can we master it.

- David Richo

With the help of movement, meditation, different techniques of breathing, journaling and workshops we will be able to open our mind and body to bring our fears out of the shadows. Look closely at them and transform them into light. Making it possible to not only handle fear but also explore techniques suitable to avoid panic attacks and ultimately transform it completely.

On top of that we will hold and create a space to heal but also to connect to people that are on the same or a similar path. Possibly creating bonds and memories that will stick with you and will help you transform you and your surroundings .

'Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her, and all those who come after her.

- Cristiane Northrup

The Week

Day 1


Opening Ceremony

Yin Flow


Day 2

Meditation &





Fear Workshop


Yoga Nidra

Day 3

Meditation &






Food Workshop


Day 4

Meditation & Flow




Salt Workshop


Yin Flow

Day 5

Meditation & Flow



(packed) Lunch


New Moon Ceremony & Picknick

Day 6

Meditation & Flow

Good Bye Brunch


The Accomodation

Cozy atmosphere and luxury comfort

The love that was put into decorating and setting up the interior is palpable the moment you step in. Next to the 4 BEDROOMS and Bathrooms there is a spacious kitchen and living room area.

Pool and Sundeck

The VILLA has a pool, sundeck and a beautiful garden to relax and integrate or chat and have fun. There is enough space for social butterflies but also moments for some alone time.

Yoga Deck

The classes will be taken place on the open air yoga deck with dedicated yoga teachers. Surrounded by nature we will surrender to our breath and our practice twice a day. Mats and equipment are provided

Breathtaking Views

no words could describe this magical corner of Portugal that combines a spectacular view over the Serra de Monchique with the Atlantic Ocean panorama.

You will find here some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, that form part of annational reserve in the southwest of portugal.

Unwind and Relax

There are three DOUBLE rooms and one single bedroom (for extra charge) available. the house will give us an opportunity to create a familiar atmosphere and gives us enough space to contemplate and integrate.

The Food

“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.” - Hippocrates

We believe that food is taking a huge part in not only our health and well-being but also in our emotions. That's why our brilliant chef will create plantbased and colorful meals with an extra amount of love and Fairy Dust.

There will be fresh breakfast, light lunch and filling dinner prepared every day with fruits and veggies from local farmers and ayurvedic spices from all over the world. Giving your taste buds and your soul the treatment they deserve.

The big dining table in the spacious living room invites to fruitful conversation over hearty meals.

The Team


This Is Iria, Co-Founder of Chandra Yoga Retreat and Part Time Witch

Iria started dancing at a young age, but she was never the strongest or most athletic girl. Movement transformed her every time she struggled in each stage of her life. Later she started running and working out but had to step back because of growing pains and injuries - this is where she came to yoga on a very physical plane. After a long depressive episode it is save to say that the JOURNEYto yoga saved and transformed her liife

She has always been aware that movement must be a fixed constant in her life. After her yoga teacher training in Bali it was very clear to her: yoga is no longer just a physical exercise, yoga is a way of life.

The desire to help people drove Iria to share the practices that can help bring ease, peace and growth. She has a natural talent for creating warm and welcoming learning spaces that are both transformational and fun.

All her life she was running from her fears. The fear of the dark and spiders where her biggest ones until shediscovered that behind those, there were a whole lot more waiting to be DISCOVEREDand transmuted.


Meet Elina, our vegan chef and fairy in the kitchen

Food has always been a passion for her – but when she experienced the benefits of a natural plantbased diet nine years ago, she fell in love with cooking all over again. Elina loves to share her recipe creations and to inspire people to make more healthy and conscious decisions about their diet. Not only is she a nutritionist and certified yoga teacher, but also an ayurveda lifestyle coach. She will make sure to serve natural, plantbased, delicious and colorful dishes that will make you feel amazing.

Elinas biggest fear is that people could make fun of her - for who she is, for what she does or for what she loves. With faith and her heart wide open, she is now embracing the challenge to trust her intuition and to share her gifts with the world.


welcome present

5 nights/6 Days ACCOMMODATIONin the luxury AZ Villa- Sea & Sun ALJEZUR

3 FLAVOURSOME, vegan meals a day

daily yoga classes (Mats and Equipment are provided)


A Transforming experience


Flights and transport to Location

Shared Bed Room Price:999 €

Single Bed Room Price:1313 €

(Payment Plans available)

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